Litproject «Between us» with The Village
The Village celebrated its birthday by launching a literature open-call with «Neznanie» magazine.
Within this project
we published
texts about our own inner and interpersonal experiences as the world crumbles.
Художница: Инга Христич
texts on how to be,
when it is both hard to be and almost impossible to hold silence.
«Borderline states» is an anthology emerged in the margins of an issue of the journal, «The Experience».
Throughout the issue, the authors touch on themes of the personal, the bygone and the unspoken. Childhood trauma, loneliness of quarantine, and sexuality.
The essays in the anthology are united by the theme of a personal, unorthodox experience and the new language that is applied to it.
«Borderline states»
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Art by Anna Samoylova
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