«Neznanie» is an independent literary magazine founded in 2019 by three female writers, Arina Boyko, Liza Kamenskaya, and Sanya Guseva.

We are inspired with texts created on the margins of the literary world and outside the institutions.
Literature is also social practice for us. We opt for more uncompromising artistic texts to emerge in Russian language.
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The content of each issue is framed by themes from an open call, an unbounded text acceptance.
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We publish prose, creative non-fiction, poetry, translations, critical writing, and texts in various types of innovative formats.
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Мы открыты смелым идеям,
необычным форматам и рады новым голосам.

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We are open to bright ideas, extraordinary formats, and are excited about new voices.
Арт: Анастасия Прокофьева
Art by Dasha Safonova
Art by Dasha Safonova
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Библиотека «Незнания»
«Syla» Neznania in Tarot:
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open-ended art projects explore the themes of power from diverse perspectives.

of these include the recollection of the talking cow,
reflection on the zodiacal sign, and other subjects in which power is embedded in new patterns and messages.
The following issue was co-published with Modern Magic Press.
Художница: Даша Сафонова
We are an independent and non-profit,
literature and publishing team,
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